Care Point Health

A warm and genuine welcome to the website of CarePoint Health, Inc. We are a leading Healthcare company headquartered in Houston, Texas. At CarePoint Health, we have assembled a team of caring and experienced professionals who focus on providing world-class care one patient at a time. We believe in establishing enduring relationships with our family of patients, clinicians and physicians within the communities in which we operate - taking great pride in going over and above the call of duty. At CarePoint, service excellence is not a buzzword; it is a core part of our DNA.
CarePoint Health as a company is focused on addressing the persistent need for a quality end-to-end provider of non-institutional healthcare services. Licensed by The Texas Department of Health and accredited by The Joint Commission (JCAHO), CarePoint Health has a committed focus on quality management programs by constantly monitoring, evaluating, and  improving agency operations.
We kindly encourage you and your loved ones to take a moment to learn more about who we are and what we do. We hope you and your loved ones will always enjoy the very best of health, but when you or your loved ones health needs reliable and caring service, we do genuinely hope that you will call on CarePoint Health.